I’m always recommending maternity photos at Highland Park! It’s a gem and worth a visit anytime of the year.

If you’ve been following my work for any length of time, it’s no secret that it’s my favorite place for a floral-inspired photo session is Highland Park Rochester NY and for very good reason!

The best time to visit is Spring. I refer to this season at the park as the “procession of flowers.” Starting with the daffodils in late March, the cherry blossoms and tulips in April, and the famous lilacs in May. Or my personal favorite, the peonies! During Summer, stop any week to see new seasonal blooms wherever you look. In the Fall, the tall mature trees put on their show before dropping their leaves and the cycle renews. And winter right after a good snow, it’s like walking through an actual real-life winter wonderland. Have you seen it?

If your curious what maternity photos at Highland Park look like in early May, check out this gorgeous session with the most down-to-earth couple. Nothing was planned, forced, or rushed. We wandered and explored and the photos look as relaxed & organic as the session felt.

rochester maternity photos
maternity photo at sunset

Take this is as your sign to take maternity photos at Highland Park!

You can contact me by clicking here or by emailing me at hello@brittennicole.com. I’ll help you pick the perfect place and time for your photo session depending on what your vision is and how far along you are. As always, I recommend taking your maternity photos right around week 30 and not past week 35. We can plan your session to correspond to what’s in bloom, which is a really sentimental way to remember this incredible season that you’re in during your pregnancy.

Okay, BRB going to stroll through the gorgeous Highland Park now to see what’s blooming this week! Follow me on Instagram for all the behind-the-scenes & to see what I find 🙂

Maternity Photos at Highland Park Rochester NY

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