Here’s everything you need to know about timing your pregnancy photos right.

“When is the best time for taking maternity photos?”

I’m asked this question all the time and here’s my professional opinion: DON’T wait to take photos until late in your pregnancy when your belly is “fully grown”

I recommend anytime between week 28-34 (with week 30 being the sweet spot). Here’s why:


1. You’ll feel better and have more energy

This is an important consideration if you want to have maternity photos done in an outdoor location that requires some walking or even hiking to get there. Maternity sessions can sometimes feel like a workout, even in the studio. It’ll be so much more enjoyable when you’re not in the very final weeks of your pregnancy when you’re feeling tired and achey.

2. You’ll have more clothing options that you FEEL good in

Many of my clients like the classic unbuttoned jeans with a white button-up shirt look, for good reason. But if you wait until you’re fully grown, wearing this look might not be an option. 

3. Swelling will be less of an issue

No one wants to wear compression socks in their maternity photos or have the indents that compression socks leave on your skin. If you’re going to experience swelling, this usually happens in your final month. So to play it safe, plan your maternity session for 6-8 weeks before your expected due date before swelling starts to become noticeable.

4. You won’t run the risk of missing your maternity session altogether because baby came early

Let’s face it, babies make their appearance whether you’re ready or not. But in the final month, it could truly happen any day. If maternity photos are important to you, plan ahead and make sure your session happens before baby (and you) start to get antsy. 

5. You’ll have more time to enjoy your photos and celebrate your birthing body before baby comes

After baby comes, that’s where all the attention will understandably go. If one of the reasons you want to have maternity photos taken is because you want to relish in what your body has accomplished or your excited to show off the photos to your friends and family, it’s a good idea to get your maternity photos taken sooner rather than later. 

6. You’ll have plenty of time to prepare for your maternity session if you book early

It pains me when people reach out after 32 weeks and we have to rush to plan their maternity session within a couple weeks. That’s no fun and it’s stressful for you! Rushing the process takes away from the relaxing and truly memorable experience that a maternity session SHOULD feel like.  Planning ahead will give you more time to really think about what you want your maternity photos to look like and it will give us more time to work together to make that vision a reality.

7. You’ll have better luck booking your top choice maternity photographer

I recommend booking your maternity photographer at the beginning of your second trimester. Photographers often book out months in advance and we are usually fully booked up during the Fall months (it’s our busy season). So if your ideal window for maternity photos is between September & October, I’d recommend getting ahead of the crowd and booking your session as soon as possible. That way, you’ll have more flexibility when it comes to dates to choose from and you won’t miss your chance to work with your first choice maternity photographer.

It’s never too early to reach out and start the conversation. And if you’re interested in working with me, reach out ASAP. I’d love to hear about your vision and create a beautiful experience for you. Inquire here.

What am I missing? Do you agree that maternity photos are best done earlier rather than later in your pregnancy? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

When Should I Take Maternity Photos?

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