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Hey, I'm Britten!

I began photographing weddings in North Carolina in 2017.

Now, here I am in Rochester NY and the Finger Lakes nurturing a deep love of documenting pregnancy and Motherhood and Family (and still photographing weddings, too!) 

For me, there's an excitement that surrounds documenting unpredictable & unscripted moments of joy, celebration, love, and raw emotion. Getting to truly witness a range of deeply human experiences is fascinating and I doubt it will ever get old.

I'm a photographer because I believe that documenting family legacy is really important. My late grandfather documented everything. He was also a community historian, archivist, photographer, and writer. I'm grateful to him for his work and for inspiring my interest in history. Thanks to him our own family legacy is preserved and I'd love to help you do the same. 

Let's get started.

I first picked up a camera to share Mother's Beauty from my eyes. 

I have a degree in environmental science & policy and I spent more than a decade working on campaigns across the U.S. to fight environmental injustice. I still believe deeply in the power of the grassroots and I can totally geek out on social movement theory and politics. 

These days, life is slower. When I don't have a camera in my hand, you'll find me happily at home with my partner Chris and our crazy little cat Ollie. We just bought our dream home with 2 acres near Rochester, New York. We're in the process of turning this little slice-of-heaven into organic gardening paradise and pollinator habitat. We'll be growing vegetables, medicinal herbs, native and cut flowers and raising many chickens. This is what protecting the planet looks like for me in this season of life and it feels very tangible.

If you care to follow along on Instagram (@brittennicole) you'll see a LOT of pictures of flowers (and deer and cats). 

truths I consider universal:

black lives matter.
no human is illegal.
healthcare is a human right.
love is love.
mother nature is sacred.

a little more about me

currently loving:

working in the garden
meditation & quiet moments
spending time with our nephew
infrared saunas (IYKYK)

"Britten is a natural talent with an artist's eye. She can see more in a single frame than seems evident and use the camera as a painter uses a brush to show the world the wonder that is apparent to her. Enjoy this visual journey with her and experience beauty in what you mistakenly thought was mundane...take a second look at the world through Britten's eyes! I promise, you will not be disappointed."
                                              -Rodney S.    

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