If you’ve ever underestimated the beauty of the “beaches” in Rochester NY, check out this gorgeous maternity photo session. It’s at one of our local waterfront parks, Durand Eastman Beach. As any Rochester NY photographer knows, we’re lucky to have so many beautiful locations to photograph–when the weather cooperates!

On this July day, it had been stormy and rainy all day long. In fact, we had originally scheduled this couple’s session for sunrise but the weather had different ideas. We decided to wait out the rain and try for sunset on the same day. I’m so glad this couple stayed flexible and went with the flow! They got one of the most spectacular post-storm sunsets I’d ever witnessed in Rochester for their maternity photos.

A few days after their session, when I revealed their images to them for the first time, they kept telling me that the photos didn’t look like Rochester. It looks like they were taken in some far-away tropical oasis, don’t they? With all the rain and wind we’d had that day, the waves were high and the tree branches hung low. The summer colors were so vibrant and the energy in the air was electric.

It was a perfect location for this nature-loving couple.

They’re self-described nature lovers. When I met them in-person before their session for their in-home session consultation, they shared about their mutual love of the outdoors. We ultimately decided on Durand Eastman Beach because they said they LOVE being on the water, and especially love paddling. They also told me they excited for their son to join them on the water and share in their love of nature.

Seeing them together on the beach and in the water, and the joy on their faces, almost brought tears to my eyes. They were so clearly in their element and as a result, the photos look so natural, comfortable, and authentic <3

Maternity Photo Tips from a Rochester NY Photographer

Are you dreaming of natural and authentic photos to document your growing belly?

  1. Share your vision, interests, and passions with your photographer during planning! This helps me understand who you are so I can recommend the best locations, concepts, and styles for your session.
  2. Be flexible with rescheduling…. you never know, the session could turn out better than you could have ever imagined!
  3. Reach out early in your pregnancy: I recommend having your maternity photos taken around week 30-32. This is a good time because your belly is almost fully grown and you’re still feeling good physically (i.e. less swelling). I’m always available for a consultation if you have any questions before booking your session! Use my contact form to get in touch!

Maternity Photos at the Beach with a Rochester NY Photographer

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