It was a perfectly mild evening on a late Spring day for this couple’s maternity session at Durand Eastman Beach. Over the lake, the skies were cloudy yet the bright sun cut right through them, creating this dramatic golden light.

I used to get intimated by photographing people in harsh light like this. But over the years I’ve learned to embrace the dynamic look it can create and it’s the BEST light for maternity photography. There’s something about the way that harsh light and shadows enhance the natural beauty of birthing bodies. The light traces the outline of your silhouette while the shadows define your curves. It’s actually poetic.

Durand Eastman Beach in Rochester NY can be a beautiful backdrop to maternity photos in the Summer months. Because of the position of the sun, only certain months of the year provide a sunset over the Lake along with dramatic light like we had during this session. I’ve found that the closer you are to the Summer Solstice, the more dynamic the light is. We were here in late May and the light was perfect.

Maternity Photo on Beach in Rochester NY

A Maternity Session at Durand Eastman Beach is perfect for you if:

  1. You’ll be 28-34 weeks pregnant between June-early September
  2. You live in or nearby Rochester NY
  3. You like a relaxed, carefree vibe in terms of style for your maternity photos (shirt + jeans look great on the beach)
  4. You don’t mind getting a little (or a lot) sandy and wet!
  5. Water in general, or the Great Lakes specifically, hold special meaning for you

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Couple’s Maternity Session at Durand Eastman Beach

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