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If the idea of traveling into a studio to for newborn photos in Rochester NY doesn’t sound fun to you as a new parent, an in-home newborn photography session might be a perfect option for you.

It’s all up to a matter of preference whether you choose to go to a studio or stay home for newborn photos. This blog post isn’t an attempt to dissuade anyone from choosing studio newborn photography in Rochester NY. I just want to share a few ways in-home newborn sessions can tell a complete story that involves your precious places & things (without having to move them).

A newborn session at home, in your intimate space, is a glimpse into the real life experience of bringing home your newborn. It’s a gift to the future you, one who’s not so sleep derived, and an heirloom that will enrich the family archives for generations to come.

Can I still do nice portraits with a newborn photography session at home?

The answer is Yes! You don’t have to sacrifice nice portraits of your fresh newborn by staying home, either. The portraits will simply be more natural looking and feel more easy-going. There’s no complicated or uncomfortable posing involved. 75% of the time during your session, your baby will be right in your arms.

All we need is a little day light shining through a window to create a perfect portrait to capture all the squishy newness.

Get Creative with Newborn Photography in Rochester NY

One of the qualities of a typical in-home newborn session is that it’s much more documentary and storytelling focused.

This couple also had their maternity photos taken at their home (by me). So, during their newborn session we recreated a lot of the moments in the same places, just weeks apart. The photos feel very much like a “day in the life” and life looked quite different with the arrival of their sweet girl. The continuity in the storytelling is a creative way to conceptualize your maternity and newborn photography. To see the ‘before’, check out their maternity photo blog post: ‘IN HOME MATERNITY SESSION IN ROCHESTER NY’

What do you think? What suits your style more: studio newborn photography or in home newborn photography? What about either genre draws you in? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

In Home Newborn Photography in Rochester NY

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