If you’re asking yourself if you should have your engagement session at Lamberton Conservatory…. this is the sign you’ve been looking for.

In case you didn’t know this yet, the Lamberton Conservatory is a dream. Especially during Winter or early Spring in Rochester, when all you need is some greenery or to simply warm your bones. The space is very accessible for photo sessions, with just a little pre-planning (see my tips below).

Maybe it’s the photosynthesis happening all around you and the oxygen-rich air, but being inside this glass-walled greenhouse is reinvigorating to the mind, body, and spirit.

During this engagement photo session at the Lamberton Conservatory with Julie + Dave, we aimed to relax and flow. I brought my bluetooth speaker with a dreamy playlist that echoed as we moved about the space together. J + D have this very real and effortless connection with one another that made the whole experience feel so natural and freeing. They needed very little direction or posing, which is perfect as I prefer to take a mostly documentary approach. We explored the gardens and I simply photographed them being together, laughing together, snuggling, and enjoying this really special moment in their lives.

It’s everything an engagement session should be and more. Here are some of my favorites…

Here are a few tips for photo sessions at the Lamberton Conservatory

  1. If you want the space to yourself (highly recommend), a reservation is needed. Reservations can be made online for the weekends.
  2. There is a fee associated to reserve the space ($100/hr) (totally worth it)
  3. You can only reserve the space outside of their normal operating hours of 10am-4pm
  4. Keep in mind the times of year for the best light! For the best light in, I’d recommend the following session times–> Nov-Jan 9-10am; Feb-May 8-10am or 4-5pm; May-Oct 8-9am or 6-8pm
  5. When you book a session with me, I’ll take care of all of this 🙂

Engagement sessions are a great way to document this chapter in your love story. It can also be a helpful (and fun) practice run for your wedding day. It’s a way to get comfortable being in front of the camera together, especially if you’ve never done a photo session together.

But don’t worry if you’re nervous. Everyone is a little nervous before a photo session. My advice is to plan your session around an activity that you love or that holds meaning for you, which makes it feel more natural. Play some music, have fun, and let your guard down. Your love and authentic connection is really all you need for beautiful photos, I promise <3

If you want some inspiration for planning a fun engagement photo session, whether it’s the Lamberton Conservatory or somewhere else, download my free photo session planning guide here. Reach out if you have any questions, I’d love to help! Helping you plan meaningful photo sessions that tell your real story is my jam 🙂

Engagement Photo Session at Lamberton Conservatory

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