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Golden light blanketed this flower field and this beautiful family during their late Summer family photo session in Rochester NY. We timed the session perfectly with the height of “golden hour” — the hour just before sunset, when the sun is low enough in the sky to cast the most dynamic and beautiful directional light.

Golden hour is hands-down my favorite time of day to take photographs, but it happens quick and ends fast so timing is key. And sometimes we have to rely on a little luck because, sadly, not every golden hour is this magnificent. You need to get the perfect combination of clouds, weather, sun & timing… but this day we hit the golden hour jackpot. In late Summer the timing changes every day. At this time of year, we’re losing TWO MINUTES of daylight each day. So the sun sets earlier and earlier. So if you’re looking to have your family photo session in Rochester timed with golden hour, you’ll need to flexible. I’m always checking sunset times so if you’re unsure what time to book your session, just ask!

One thing is for certain, I will be making these flower field sessions a regular occurrence next Summer, and for many Summers to come. Forever chasing that golden-light and looking for every opportunity to make your family photo session in Rochester as magical as this one.

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Family Photo Session in Rochester NY during Golden Hour

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